These days a good many artists do not think it necessary to learn their craft to have the right to express themselves. Margaret Glass reassures the enlightened connoisseur: she masters the pastel-painter's craft perfectly. She does not go for easiness nor does she conform to any fleeting fashion. She has reached her freedom which enables her to express herself brilliantly.

Like Vermeer's, her work reveals a scrupulously careful observation of light, her subtle glimmerings and shimmerings vibrate to create shapes: it is Great Art.

The contemplation of her paintings offers refined pleasures and however attentive our eyes may be, each new look discovers details unnoticed before, that overwhelm us with joy.

How can one describe the intensive emotions aroused by her skill to render delicate plays of light, unexpected reflections or the luminosity of a shadow? Is Margaret Glass really an artist? Is she not rather a magician. who uses pastel to bewitch us better? The deeper one studies her work, the more one tends to believe it.

For Margaret Glass, one success leads to the next, and again one cannot help admiring her for remaining herself, so kind and so unpretentious.

In order to show her our gratitude for serving the art of pastel painting so beautifully. the French Pastel Society has awarded her in Paris the 'diplôme d'Honneur', its highest distinction: but the French Pastel Society is well aware that the highest award Margaret Class may receive is the enthusiastic welcome that greets her paintings at each of her exhibitions.

Time ineluctably sorts out the true talents: no doubt it will take good care of this great artist. The work of Margaret Glass is made to last.

Président de la Société des Pastellistes de France

link : Société des Pastellistes de France