Margaret Glass is recognized as one of the leading Pastellists of today. She is a past Vice-President of La Société des Pastellistes de Françe and a member of the English Pastel Society.

In 1992 she was awarded the title 'Maitre Pastellist' by La Société des Pastellistes de Françe, only the eleventh artist to receive this distinction. In recent year she has also built up a growing reputation as a talented oil painter. able to capture the light with the same facility as in her pastels.

Margaret is a member of the Institute of East Anglian Artists.


"I tend to choose a subject because of the drama of light on it or within it. Whatever the subject matter may be, the light is what interests me. Light has always fascinated me. A landscape transformed by the sunrise, or light reflected on water, inspire me to paint. In my work I want to point to God the creator, and for people to stop and wonder at the beauty all around us.

"There is a tendency to think that pastel is a delicate medium. It is true that soft subtle shades can be achieved, but it is actually quite robust, so I choose to be bold in its use. I use my pastels in the manner of oil paint working from light to dark and thinking of the pastel stick making a wash of colour rather than line and colour combined."


At the begining of this year I was asked by the French Pastel Society if I would like to go to China to tutor three two-day courses.

It was an opportunity I couldn't refuse. So the middle of July found me in Suzhou at the Ming Jia Art Education Centre, China.

My students, all 65 of them, were art teachers, secondary students and primary students from Beijing. There is a real growing passion for the pastel medium in China and Ming Jia Art Education Centre is at the forefront in this. I was introduced to the manufacturer of their pastel paper and was shown their 100 colour samples of a range that will eventually be a set of 200 artist quality soft pastels. All very exciting but also very tiring, especially as the temperature was the high thirties, one day reaching 40°.